Cuckold Comes Home to a New Surprise!

It was a busy at the office and when you came home you expected me to have dinner ready for you, as usual. What you didn’t expect was to walk in on me with a little surprise. The moment you walked through the door you found the bottle of champagne, already opened and used. You

Your Paycheck is My Money

It’s Friday! You do know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to hand over that paycheck to Me, your Princess. Remember, we set a goal for you to pay your very basic bills and then just send the rest over to Me. Make sure to send some through amazon and the rest via Niteflirt.

What is a Cuckolding Session?

People have many different ideas of what a cuckolding session is, and it does vary from person to person. The following bullet list pretty much sums it up. It is a time to confess your cuckolding fantasy. It is a time to admit that you are a closet cocksucker. It is a time to discuss

My Rules for Chatting

Ever since Niteflirt started the chat services I have been chatting a lot lately. I do enjoy it, but they have done something wrong in their quest for chat dominance. They allow you, the sub, to abuse the chat. When you chat with me I expect you to follow some rules: Always answer my chat

Your Cuckolding Princess is Back!

I took a short break from all things technology for awhile because of a huge project at work. This is why you haven’t seen me on the phones lately. Now I’m back. I will be focusing mostly on my NiteFlirt business and cuckolding all of you submissive little cuckolds. I will be spending more time